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We screenprint fabric by hand in our factory in Frösön, Jämtland. We produce fabric on the roll, as well as items like bags and traditional tablecloths. We also take on print commissions from others. Printing fabric by hand is a process that requires the patience, calm, and precision found in the printmasters’ experienced hands. We then sew the printed fabric to make products we have designed ourselves, and our seamstresses sew personal pride into every bag, cushion cover and cloth that leaves the factory.


A great deal has happened since Enar Ström left Sundsvall and arrived in Östersund in 1946, where he founded the company that is now Frösö Handtryck. What once began with the small-scale printing of handkerchiefs, souvenirs and cloths has, via numerous talented designers and entrepreneurs, become Frösö Handtryck. We are one of Sweden’s few remaining hand screenprinters and, at 70 years of age, we are also one of Sweden’s oldest hand printers. The printing process and craftsmanship are largely the same now as then, and we are extremely proud of our expertise.

Johan Hallström and Tina Stafrén have owned Frösö Handtryck since March 2016. They are both experienced in visual design, Johan as an AD and Tina as a photographer. After many years of collaboration, they found they wanted to manage and develop something of their own, something they could grow and shape.

“It wasn’t by chance that it was Frösö Handtryck, as we found an underutilised resource in its exclusive raw materials: handprinted and sewn in Jämtland – a distinctly regional profile combined with quality and timeless design. It just felt right. We want to recapture the business’s pride and soul, out of respect for traditional handicrafts. A number of established designers are already associated with the business and new collaborations are on the way. Frösö Handtryck is like a spruce cutting on a silver plate – both natural and elegant. The feeling is that of coarse linen meeting sober prints in bronze or petroleum. We believe in our design concept and are delighted that our fabrics and products are found in public and private spaces in Sweden, the US and Japan.”
Johan & Tina
Tina Stafrén
Tina StafrénOwner, Management
Tel: +46 70 572 27 29
Johan Hallström
Johan HallströmOwner, Creative director
Tel: +46 70 627 00 59